My lesson plan on digital identity

Learning about the importance of developing a positive digital identity was the most valuable subject of this class to me. After reading what Eric Stoller said about the Student Affairs’ role in “developing intentional learning spaces about digital identity” at universities, I collected some great open resources and developed a lesson on digital identity for my students (adult learners attending higher education).

This is what we did together:Β  Continue reading “My lesson plan on digital identity”


Hand lettering: Skillshare workshops

When I decided to learn hand lettering for my learning project, I also decided to use open resources only. I changed my mind when I saw a blog post offering 2-month free access to SkillShare; I have one free month left.

Just as suggestions, these are the workshops I already watched and recommend, in case you are also interested in learning hand lettering:

Designers: Jackson Alves, Martina Flor, Ciarra Rouwhorst, Emma Witte, Chelle Perea, and Peggy Dean.

Please share in the comments any other great workshop on hand lettering!

Hand lettering: From impatience to hope

I only have one of my most favourite brush pens, and it is yellow. I decided to buy a 12-colour set at my favourite online store, but it will take 2-3 weeks to arrive. In the meantime, I bought a 6-dollar set of Crayolas. Crayoligraphy is becoming common among new hand letterers because of the nib of the Crayola markers: it is firm and allows for making thin and thick strokes with ease.

I practised some letters of the alphabet using a Crayola marker but lost my patience after a full page of single letters and syllables. Continue reading “Hand lettering: From impatience to hope”

QUICK UPDATE: Practicing strokes