Digital dualism mindset

I am amazed by this week’s topic and required readings. I have just realized that we borrow certain beliefs and reproduce them in our daily conversations without really understanding some of them. For example, if it is not on Google, it does not exist, or “we have become obsessed with being offline more than ever before.” Nathan Jurgenson also affirms that “[w]e can’t log off” anymore. Really, Nathan? Continue reading “Digital dualism mindset”


My learning project: Final thoughts

learning project.jpg

One of the assignments for the course EC&I 831 (Social Media & Open Education) was a Major Digital Project. Students had two options for this assignment: a) integrate social media into one’s teaching practice, or b) learn something and share the progress in an open online space. My first thought was to put an old idea into practice (option a): create a YouTube Channel, in Portuguese, to share effective strategies for academic success. Ten days later, Continue reading “My learning project: Final thoughts”

The evolution of my learning project in three images


My first attempt – October 5th – I knew nothing about brush pens and papers…
A month later – Nov 4th – Writing with my favourite brush pen and paper


Nov 25th – Playing with watercolour | You can watch me painting the letters on my final video for this class, coming on Dec 5th.


“Learning is a journey, not a destination.” – unknown author

My journey continues… and you can follow it on my Instagram.