Let’s have an honest conversation about (my experience with) Snapchat

I am not going to lie: I hesitated to download the Snapchat app; I did not like the app at all; I gave it a chance, more than once; and I made a conscious decision to avoid it completely over the past few days. However, Snapchat is more than the app I did not like; it is was part of my major project for the #eci832 course.

I just clicked “uninstall Snapchat”, on my phone screen, two seconds ago. Sorry, not sorry.

Image (modified): TeenSafe

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No online friends, no Snapchat party

I won’t give up (yet) on Snapchat since I am on a mission to understand two of the apps that my adult students use regularly. It has been only one week since I installed Snapchat on my phone.

Screenshot before installing Snapchat on my phone

I was very impressed by the numbers shown on my screen: 500 million downloads? 14+ million reviews? WOW!

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Read this post before it disappears

Yep, this post will disappear in 24 hours, and I need to make sure you can read it in 10 seconds or less. Ready? Go!

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