EC&I 831 – Summary of Learning

This video is the final assignment for the course on Social Media and Open Education. Enjoy it!

Since I will be taking one more course with Dr. Couros, stay tuned for the upcoming blog posts in January 2018.

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Happy Holidays!


My learning project: Final thoughts

learning project.jpg

One of the assignments for the course EC&I 831 (Social Media & Open Education) was a Major Digital Project. Students had two options for this assignment: a) integrate social media into one’s teaching practice, or b) learn something and share the progress in an open online space. My first thought was to put an old idea into practice (option a): create a YouTube Channel, in Portuguese, to share effective strategies for academic success. Ten days later, Continue reading “My learning project: Final thoughts”

The evolution of my learning project in three images


My first attempt – October 5th – I knew nothing about brush pens and papers…
A month later – Nov 4th – Writing with my favourite brush pen and paper


Nov 25th – Playing with watercolour | You can watch me painting the letters on my final video for this class, coming on Dec 5th.


“Learning is a journey, not a destination.” – unknown author

My journey continues… and you can follow it on my Instagram.

Two-way communication in the classroom: My first Menti

I really like the idea of visualizing my students’ answers to specific questions and using those answers to start a discussion. Every semester I create opportunities for self-assessment and program evaluation.

This week, I will be doing a program debrief with my students, and I decided to use Mentimeter for the first time.  Continue reading “Two-way communication in the classroom: My first Menti”

Learning Project (update) + get 2 months FREE (SkillShare)

I was a little bit busy finishing assignments, but I kept working on my learning project.

I tried writing with watercolour twice: here and here. I enjoyed it, but I knew it would be a good idea to learn some watercolour techniques. :)

I found Keren Duchan’s class on Watercolor Fundamentals: Water Control and Shape, on SkillShare.

Screenshot 2017-11-25 19.59.22

To watch the class, you need to be a SkillShare member. If you don’t have a membership, you can get 2 months FREE by clicking here. (This is how I took all the SkillShare classes in the last two months!)

After watching her class, Continue reading “Learning Project (update) + get 2 months FREE (SkillShare)”