About me


I am Jaque. I am an educator, first and foremost. I care for my students. I am also starting to embrace my leadership skills. Well, I guess I can label myself as an educational leader. Why not, right? I almost finished my Master of Education program in Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Regina. I work at the Student Success Centre at the same university as a program advisor.

I love reading paper books, drinking tea with no sugar, wearing stripes, and exploring my photography skills many times a day.

Nice to meet you!

In 2016, I decided I was going to be an online visitor to the digital world. I was tired of spending my precious time checking on other people’s lives instead of creating my own stories and memories. Something shifted in Fall 2017: I took a graduate course on Social Media & Open Education, which taught me that, as an educator, I not only can but need to build a positive digital identity and that I cannot silence my privilege to give voice to those without the same privilege. I changed my mind and now I understand that I cannot opt out of this collaborative world anymore. I now use the Internet with a clear purpose: share, learn, and collaborate with other educators.

Before we go too far in these digital conversations, I want to acknowledge two things:

  1. I recognize some of my privileges: I am a white woman and well educated, and I live in North America. These privileges are lenses through which I interpret the world. This all means I may write things that are not right. I could choose not to write on my blog but I decided to take the risk and learn from my mistakes.
  2. English is my second language. Again, I could decide not to write on this blog in English and not make any language mistake, but I am here with an open heart and willingness to learn with and from you.

As Brené Brown said,

“Vulnerability is not weakness. It is about the willingness to show up and be seen when you can’t control the outcome. It is actually our greatest measure of courage.”

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