No online friends, no Snapchat party

I won’t give up (yet) on Snapchat since I am on a mission to understand two of the apps that my adult students use regularly. It has been only one week since I installed Snapchat on my phone.

Screenshot before installing Snapchat on my phone

I was very impressed by the numbers shown on my screen: 500 million downloads? 14+ million reviews? WOW!

Then, I pressed “install”, and I saw this: 

Another screenshot – Snapchat

I don’t remember any other app asking me to give access to so many things! It is scary!

I was lucky to find two of my nephews on Snapchat, one is 16, and the other is 21. I sent them a picture of my breakfast (lack of creativity) and asked them to teach me how to use the app.When I wrote this post, I was not aware that EVERYTHING disappears on Snapchat, including my own videos, photos, and chats! I found the funny filters and sent a 10-second video to my 16-year old nephew, Pedro. I wanted to show the video to my husband, too, so I asked Pedro where to find it. This was his answer:

Screenshot of my conversation with Pedro, on Snapchat



  • It is not possible kkkk
  • You can see it only once
  • And you need to save your own videos when you are recording them


  • This is crazy kkkkk

Are you serious? I cannot see my own videos? C’mon!

I recorded another one and saved it this time:

A week passed by, and there were no other interactions on my Snapchat.

TeroVesalainen / Pixabay

I told my husband that I found it weird that neither of my nephews has shared one single image on Snapchat the whole week. My husband said,

“do you think they would share with you what they share with their friends”?

True, they probably won’t.

Trying to understand what was wrong (with me or with the app), I read this article. Contrary to Instagram and Twitter, if you don’t have enough online friends, the party won’t happen on Snapchat. I am not interested in “liberation” or in sharing ephemeral things; so, apparently, Snapchat won’t be my favourite app.

While there are teachers using Snapchat to engage students in conversations about the content taught in class, I am still skeptical and won’t add students to my Snapchat account. I decided to find some people to “follow” and experiment Snapchat for one more week: this time with strangers, for example, @nasa and @LeviCooks. I’d like to have some watercolourists on my Snapchat or some botanical artists since these are some of my current interests. Suggestions? Okay, maybe Snapchat is not the place on which artists would share their work or their tips…

Wish me luck! ;)


5 thoughts on “No online friends, no Snapchat party

  1. I also did not like how everything disappeared and if you don’t save it before sending it is gone. This is why I don’t prefer this app when taking pictures or videos, especially of my kids. For me, if it is worthy enough to take a picture of I want to keep that memory, not just send it to someone and let it disappear. I have snapchat but I am more of a ‘watch everyone else’s than do my own’. I hope you find some fun in snapchat and find some great people to follow!


  2. I love using Snapchat! I use it often! In fact, I think I use Snapchat more than I send text messages. But I can totally understand how it is not for everyone. I think as a parent and teacher, it is important for me to make sure I fully understand how Snapchat works, so I am aware of the potential privacy/safety issues that may occur while operating this app. I wish you the best of luck using this app! Have fun!


  3. I think one of my favorite features of snapchat is that your photos and your friends photos go away. I know they are never “gone” but to a simpleton like myself, I can’t get them back or creep a friends history to see again what they were up to this weekend. In my survey for my project about sharenting, snapchat was most used and for the fact that the post would disappear. I know most of my sample size is millennials but interesting to see both sides of the agreement! Keep us posted with your project!


  4. I’d say add me, but I rarely post anymore. I just never really got into it much. I feel, like you, that not having access to past posts automatically is really odd – and perhaps defeating. As well, my wife has sent me stuff that I thought was super cute and special (of the kids) and it pained me to think that I could never rewatch it. I feel that a lot of great memories are gone like forever. Like my memories. I guess that’s the nature of an app that has focused on ephemera!


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