Read this post before it disappears

Yep, this post will disappear in 24 hours, and I need to make sure you can read it in 10 seconds or less. Ready? Go!

I am kidding! First, this post is the first in a series about my major project for the course #eci832 on Digital Citizenship and Media Literacies so I won’t delete it. Second, because I need more than 10 seconds of your attention.

Before I write about my major project, let me ask if you, too, remember when Instagram’s stories were introduced. Ephemeral features, popularized by Snapchat, are designed to catch people’s attention. The numbers are here to confirm that this strategy is working well.

by Google dictionary

I have never tried Snapchat. The only experience I have had with ephemeral apps is through Instagram. However, I am not a big fan of its stories. Instagram used to be one of my favourite apps, until recently, when a new feature, called algorithm, changed everything. Instagram designers say that their algorithm will maximize the time their users spend using the app. Really? And how about Snapchat? Is the ephemeral content of Snapchat what makes it so popular among social media users?

I have a strong opinion about Snapchat and its users without having even tried this app before. How can you say you don’t like lettuce if you have never tried eating lettuce, right?

This is the reason why I decided to review two of the most used apps, by my current students, for my EC&I 832 major project.

I invited my 106 adult-students to share with me their two most used/favourite apps (one social, and one educational).

23% of my students said that their most used/favourite app is Snapchat. The other top five apps mentioned by my current students, in order of votes, are: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, U of R app, and Google softwares (Google Docs, mostly). I was quite impressed to know that students really use the U of R app.

My next steps are to create a Snapchat account and reinstall the U of R app on my phone. I will be completing an in-depth investigation of both apps (social app: Snapchat, and educational app: U of R) by the end of this semester.

I believe I will need friends on Snapchat… Are you willing to be my Snapchat friend?


12 thoughts on “Read this post before it disappears

  1. I am very excited for you to try out Snapchat Jaque. I hope you make a bitmoji as well for the full experience. While I am not an expert, I am a avid user (likely my most used app!) and happy to help if I can in anyway.

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  2. Enjoy the filters on Snap Chat! My 5 year old loves sending her aunties silly puppy faces! I am sure you will find a filter that speaks to you too! Have fun with this endeavor! I am sure you have a little drowning feeling like me at the moment…. these 2 course loads are quickly kicking into effect at a fast pace! Sink or swim! I will find out! haha See you Saturday!


  3. Welcome to the Snapchat world, Jaque! Although I haven’t had the app for a long time, I find myself quite pleased with the sense of disconnect it can provide from reality when I read dumb things that I’ve subscribed to like Buzzfeed stories, or when I am able to keep up with celebrity gossip as a quick brain break. These things are not priorities in my life, and I think that’s why I enjoy Snapchat so much is that it’s there for a day when I want to see it, and disappears which doesn’t give me time to miss it.
    I don’t have a bitmoji, and I don’t have my location turned on, but I have heard some pretty amazing stories of how turning location on has actually saved people’s lives.
    I think one of the lamest, but most efficient ways I have used Snapchat is with a fitness accountability group during a week when our goal was to drink more water. Getting snaps of empty water bottles motivated me to drink more, and reminded me to hydrate. Dumb, yes. Helpful, absolutely!
    Best of luck using the app and I look forward to seeing what you like/hate most about it!


  4. I am also new to Snapchat, Jaque. Although I have followed my children on their journeys with it, I never felt it was something for me. I am curious to hear your comments about it once you are on it for awhile – maybe we can compare stories! (no pun intended)


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