Two-way communication in the classroom: My first Menti

I really like the idea of visualizing my students’ answers to specific questions and using those answers to start a discussion. Every semester I create opportunities for self-assessment and program evaluation.

This week, I will be doing a program debrief with my students, and I decided to use Mentimeter for the first time. 


Image: NGL International


By being able to display the results in class, I believe students will feel heard, and I will be able to provide guidance and clarification to their answers.

Image: NGL International

Some of my co-workers already used Mentimeter in class and meetings. Since we share the Menti account at the Student Success Centre, I took a look at their questions first. Then, I explored some examples of how Menti can be used, especially the ones created for evaluation of lectures or training sessions. I got some inspiration from the examples, and I drafted 15 questions.

The website is super simple and user-friendly. After logging in, I clicked on “new presentation.” We only need to choose the type of question we want to ask (see the image below) and fill in the content (question and alternatives for answers, when needed).


Screenshot 2017-11-26 15.45.12.png
Question types on Menti


There are guides on the website as well in case you want to explore the question types in more detail.

I believe my students will feel more motivated to give feedback on the program through this app since it is more interactive. I also believe it will be great to be able to discuss some of the answers with the students; it will be my last class with some of them.

I can see myself using this app more often next semester, especially on the first day of classes when students are too shy to interact and make questions. I can start the semester by asking some of these questions and also by asking what questions they want to ask me! :)

I want your contribution to my first Menti. What would you like your professors to ask on the last day of classes?

Thank you for your comment! :)

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