A weekly dose of effective strategies for academic success

When our #eci831 professor was explaining the Major Digital Project assignment, I immediately thought about one of my personal goals:

I’ve always wanted to share with Brazilian educators what I’ve learned in Canada about educational strategies for academic success.

I clearly remember when I attended my first Student Success Centre (SSC) workshop at the University of Regina in 2014. The workshop was about note-taking strategies. The facilitator explained 3-4 different ways of taking notes while reading and attending classes and gave us some handouts for practising. I left the 45-minute session thinking,

In Brazil, I completed my undergraduate program and two post-graduate programs without knowing that there are different ways of taking notes. I wish I knew about the Cornell method 15 years ago… In Canada, there are learning skills advisors teaching note-taking strategies to university students for free! Isn’t this amazing? 

In 2015, I applied for a Teaching Assistant (TA) job at the SSC because I thought I was going to help facilitate those workshops. Facilitating effective study strategies workshops for university students was certainly one of my duties. To my delight, my position grew from delivering workshops to evaluating and reshaping the entire curriculum for two of the SSC programs created to help students academically at risk: the Academic Recovery Program (ARP) and the Arts Transition Program (ATP). As one of the ARP/ATP Advisors, I designed three different curricula with more than 60 different topics in total for workshops on study strategies and academic success. Two years later, I’ve taught all these workshops, developed a TA training, and currently facilitate the TA training and monthly TA meetings to explain all the learning outcomes for each one of the workshop topics to all of our TAs (there are 5-7 new and returning TAs every semester).

In 2016, I felt a strong desire to widely share some of these study strategies; I decided to create a YouTube channel (open educational resource) to share effective study strategies and discuss some of the most important skills for academic success. Due to lack of time and other academic responsibilities, my YouTube channel idea never came to fruition. Well, not until now! :)

I am finally going to design, launch, and promote a YouTube channel about effective study strategies for academic success.

Through this project, I will:

  1. Achieve my personal goal of sharing with Brazilian educators (and students) some things I’ve learned and taught about being a successful student in Canada.
  2. Fulfil my natural need of being constantly learning, teaching, and helping people.
  3. Successfully complete the Major Digital Project assignment for one of my graduate courses for the Fall 2017 semester.

I will document the whole process on this blog, and my main goal is to be ready to launch the channel in January of 2018.

NOTE: The channel will be in Portuguese because, as we can see below, less than 5% of the Brazilian population “have some knowledge of the English language” (p. 7).

Screenshot 2017-09-22 13.43.47
Learning English in Brazil, report for the British Council by Data Popular Institute, 2014.

To start this project, I need your help!

Please, with your feedback, share 1-2 of your most favourite open educational resources (YouTube channels, blogs, or Twitter accounts and hashtags) on study strategies and academic success?

I am looking forward to analysing all your suggestions and gathering great tips for my new YouTube channel on effective study strategies for academic success! :D 


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